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Types of CBD Product

Oral Drops

Oral CBD drops are one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. Generally supplied with a dropper, the user simply squeezes a few drops under their tongue in order to administer the CBD.

This CBD product can be easily supplied with varying strengths ranging from 100mg up to 2000mg, this allows the user to find a concentration that works for them. Flavourings can be added to present a more palatable profile when consumed, this can also allow the product to be mixed into drinks and foods if required.

At All About CBD we can develop your very own CBD dropper product, taking care of packaging and branding, helping you create a range your customers will love.

Soft Gels

Consumers are used to taking capsules and pills, whether prescribed medication or supplements, it’s a form of consumption which is widely accepted and familiar to users. Additionally, it’s a convenient and simple way to consume CBD, we can offer a range of capsules at varying strengths, supplied in your own unique packaging we offer a full end to end service.

Vaping E-Liquid

E-Liquid and vaping is now a viable option to smoking and widely used by smokers trying to quit or those looking for better options than combustion smoking. E-Liquid is also a good medium for delivering CBD to the body. Medicinal users of Marijuana have to smoke the substance in order to get the benefits of CBD, however now vaping with a CBD E-Liquid provides a viable method of delivery without the negative effects of combustion smoking.

Our team has extensively worked supplying many large retailers with nicotine and CBD E-Liquids. We can create vaping E-Liquids, even providing the packaging designed to meet UK legislation.

Cosmetic Lotions

CBD oils can be easily blended into cosmetic products such as body lotions, balms and salves. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are great for treating pain and aches caused by conditions such as scoliosis and endometriosis as well as treating skin conditions like eczema. These CBD cosmetics are fast becoming the latest health trend in the beauty industry. We select specific terpenes for each product or lotion to create unique scent profiles which align with the intended use of the product.

We can blend a range of high-quality CBD cosmetic products in a ready to sell format. Our team can develop branding and packaging or we can supply the raw material in bulk.


CBD Edibles essentially form anything which can be eaten, often associated with products such as cookies and brownies, CBD can be added to almost any edible product. At All About CBD we can create a range of strengths across a variety of products. Speak with our team to discuss your ideas and requirements, after this, we’ll be able to advise on the best way to develop unique products.

Gummies with CBD

The inclusion of CBD into sweets is one of the fastest growing CBD segments in the US, a favourite treat can now have the beneficial qualities of CBD added. Different concentrations of CBD can be included allowing the product range to suit different needs. Easy to consume and convenient, CBD sweets can be developed with a range of flavours to appeal to a wide audience.

Drinks with CBD Additives

A simple way to include CBD into a consumer’s repertoire is adding it to drinks. Included in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we have previously developed a range of products to meet various consumption events. From shots to long drinks, we can supply ready to retail CBD drinks at varying strengths. These flavoured beverages are simple to consume and taste great, wellness drinks to energy style products can be supplied.

Mushroom Extract with CBD

Bulk Raw CBD (CBD Isolate & CBD Distillate)

All About CBD is a leading importer of raw CBD Isolate and Distillate. These variants of extracted CBD are employed in the production of different products based upon end-user requirements. Our CBD Distillate (full and broad-spectrum is available) and CBD Isolate is traceable to source. We internally and externally analyse our CBD to verify the purity. All documentation is available on each batch from All About CBD; this attention to detail helps guarantee the quality of our raw CBD product.

CDB Infusions with Medicines/Herbs

Sublingual Sprays

Like Oral Drops, sublingual sprays are a simple and convenient way to deliver CBD to the body. Leveraging a biphasic uptake, by spraying under the tongue, the CBD is quickly absorbed when compared to absorption via digestion.

All our products are produced to a food production hygiene standard, meaning that not only is CBD delivered at the correct ratio but the product is suitable for human consumption. Our service extends to supplying branding and packaging all meeting UK standards both in safety and in regards to literature required on the packaging.

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